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Testimonials for JAFCO Dog Muzzles


  • Veterinary Universities
• Police K9 Trainers
• Animal Behaviorists
• Used extensively by the Military
• 4H Members (sheep & miniature horses)
• Veterinarians
• Police K9 Handlers
• Animal Trainers
• Pet owners
• Breeders


Jim's muzzles are great! What I like about them the most?

  • The dogs can pant in hot weather.
  • They FIT and are comfortable for the dog.
  • The dog can even drink while wearing it.
  • They are easy to clean and look brand new!
  • They last and last and last.

Some people will even say the dog looks like Hannibal Lector while wearing it which brings smiles!
Thanks, Jim for such a great product!

            - C M, Cornville, Az

Posted on Jafco Muzzles's Facebook Wall:

"So glad to see you guys here on Facebook! Jafco Muzzles are the best muzzle on the planet. Honestly, as a professional dog trainer, I have seen Jafco muzzles SAVE LIVES! Thank you for doing all that you do!"

            - R J


"Best muzzles I've ever used. Same one going strong for 6 years now. No problems at all!!!"

            - Jason S.

We have been using JAFCO muzzles for some 17 years and have always been pleased with both the Excellent product and wonderful service. Your return of our repaired muzzle at no charge was such a surprise that it made my whole day. We've always recommended your product very highly and hope that many of the VCA hospitals are using them.

Thank you so much for standing behind your superior product. We wish you continued success & growth.

            - L.H., Hospital Mgr

My dog is a 4 yr old chow / Akita mix who has fear aggression at the vet. So, I ordered a Jafco muzzle from your company for vet visits. The pictures of how to measure are EXCELLENT! It was a perfect fit.

It was so much easier to take him in already muzzled. He has never exhibited any aggression towards me...but, he is awful at the vet. The muzzle they use at the vet does not allow him to open his mouth at all.

At least with the Jafco he can still pant and I don't have the stress (for him and me) of trying to muzzle him when we are there and he's afraid. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

            - Barbara

I have to say I was skeptical about a muzzle made of plastic and equally skeptical I'd find one that would fit my crazy Basenji's weird nose. I purchased a Jafco muzzle, size 2 for him and it's been a breeze to get him adjusted and now I'm not worried about anyone getting hurt. It is a very nice muzzle and you may have saved my dog's life. (I am, of course, training with him too.)

Thank you very much.

            - S

I wanted to write and thank you. We recently ordered a Jafco muzzle for our German Shepherd. In the past we would wear a typical cloth muzzle to take him to the vets and he would fight us every time we would put it
on. We got the Jafco muzzle a couple weeks ago and I followed the instructions that you showed on your DVD on how to get the dog acclimated to wearing a muzzle.


I can't thank you enough. For the first time, he does not fight us to wear the muzzle. When I bring the muzzle
out he'll go and sit down on the floor and allow me to put the muzzle on without any resistance. It's really amazing. I was skeptical that this would work on him since he had worn a muzzle in the past and didn't like it but I took my time and fed him treats out of the muzzle for a week. After he was comfortable taking the treats out of the muzzle, I then put the muzzle on him and he tried to pull it off but after I told him "No" he quit and now he wears it without trying to pull it off.

Thanks again
            - G

When I realized I'd need a muzzle for clipping Rakka's nails, at first I got a regular nylon muzzle from the local petstore, but realized quickly that she could still bite me through a nylon muzzle. I did a bit of research, and found the Jafco muzzle, which is a plastic muzzle used in schutzhund and police dog training. It was very affordable compared to the leather muzzles available, and much more reputable than the plastic basket muzzles I've seen. Plus, they offer a very wide range of sizes.

Since getting it, I'm quite pleased with it. It seems comfortable and while Rakka would rather not wear a muzzle, she sits calmly while I put it on and doesn't constantly try to get it off. I've let her run around outside in the muzzle several times, so that she doesn't associate the muzzle with nail-clipping. Since the muzzle allows her to pant, drink, bark, and all that, it can be left on for exercise for longer periods than a nylon muzzle that keeps their mouths closed. Definitely a useful muzzle to have. Quite affordable, too, and
from a well-established company with a good reputation. I recommend them to anyone who needs a muzzle for their dog for any reason.

We used the size 2 and 4 muzzles quite a bit and have had great success with the enlarged hole in the
front. I like the circular hole better than the triangular hole the first one had. We have sold one to a client
and plan to sell more in the future as our behavior practice grows.

Thanks again for your help and great product. I will continue to update you with any thoughts we have.

Have a great day!
            - KD



"I can't thank you enough. For the first time, he does not fight us to wear the muzzle."
D. Morgan. Ohio
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"The pictures of how to measure are EXCELLENT! It was a perfect fit.. ...with the Jafco he can still pant and I don't have the stress (for him and me)"
S. Vickey. CA
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